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In 2020, the company expanded its operations and entered the markets of the United States and Panama. Despite its strong commercial performance, the rapid growth of the company created a need for additional working capital. This capital was essential to support the company’s operations, including hiring more staff, expanding facilities, and purchasing necessary equipment.

To address this need, the founders approached their primary bank in search of financing options, such as Factoring, Confirming, or other financial solutions that could facilitate their continued growth in response to the market’s accelerated demands.

However, despite its good commercial performance, due to the accelerated growth of the company, it found itself in the need to access working capital to leverage its operations that required an increase in personnel, plant expansion and purchase of equipment. Therefore, the founders go to their main bank in search of financing options, Factoring, Confirming or any financial figure that could help them continue growing at the accelerated and demanding pace that the market proposed to them.

However, despite the company’s strong financial standing, evident from the active movements in its accounts and the stability provided by support contracts, the bank refused to issue a business credit card. The manager’s response at the time was that they would reconsider the request once the company reached three years of operation.

This experience led Andrés, Alejandra, and Peter to recognize a widespread issue. They realized that the challenge they faced was not unique to their software company but affected numerous businesses in Colombia, as well as 61% of companies across Latin America.

As a result, in 2021, the Efinti business unit was established. Its primary goal is to eliminate this barrier to financing access for early-stage, growing, and consolidating MSMEs in Colombia and Latin America.



EFINTI’s mission is to provide value to MSMEs through the provision of liquidity for their operations with the possibility of Factoring and Confirming using technological tools such as those presented on the Efinti® platform.


EFINTI’s vision is to be by 2028 the international benchmark in the market focused on the financial support of MSMEs, serving this segment throughout Latin America and contributing value to the development of the global economy through the use of IT.


Dedication. Commitment is vital every day. EFINTI focuses on every client, paying meticulous attention to details, a practice fundamental to the organization’s success.

Reliability. EFINTI adheres to punctuality, honesty, and honorability in fulfilling obligations. Positive recommendations reflect our steadfast reliability.

Reciprocity. EFINTI believes in the principle of giving to receive. Generosity leads to unexpected positive outcomes, benefiting the company, clients, and the community.

Integrity. We consistently act with honesty, ensuring trust and credibility while avoiding conflicts of interest between personal concerns and the company’s interests.

Respect. EFINTI treats individuals with dignity, recognizing and valuing their unique qualities and contributions.


Meet the Team

Andres Tobon

Alejandra Gaviria

Peter Pinedo

Lina Sandoval
Head of Legal

Social Commitment and Sustainability

Efinti, more than a fintech, is an agent of change. We support MSMEs, strengthening their cash flow and sustainable growth. Our inclusion approach highlights the empowerment of women and young entrepreneurs, recognizing their transformative potential. We promote the circular economy, financing companies that prioritize reuse and recycling. In addition, we support ventures with an ecological and social vision, and we offer education to promote sustainable business practices. At Efinti, we unite finance and sustainability for a prosperous and responsible future.


In the world of engineering and consulting, financial fluidity is essential to keep projects on track and satisfy our clients. With Efinti, I have found a reliable solution that allows me to manage my finances with ease and continue expanding my business. An indispensable ally for any consultant!

Alejandro / Insermas

To develop innovative software requires investment and a financial partner who understands our needs. Efinti has been that partner for us, providing fast, industry-tailored solutions. Thanks to them, we’ve been able to reach more clients with our solutions and grow sustainably.

Sofía / Sicfix

In the vegetable oil trade, the demand is constant, and we need a cash flow that allows us to stay current. Efinti has been the answer to our financial challenges, enabling us to access capital quickly and efficiently. Now, we can focus on what we do best: delivering quality products to our customers.

Daniel / Rabev


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