USD/COP Analysis – Dolar TODAY – 230921

Yesterday the USD / COP pair had a slightly bullish day in the intra-day and bearish in absolute terms of TRM with an appreciation of the COP of $9 and with an opening at $ 3,830 to find a minimum in the first half of the day of $ 3,823.26 and thus seek an upward path to a maximum of $ 3,841 and a close at $3,834.

The above includes a total volatility of 21 COP and a total volume traded of $ 1.12 Billion.

It should be noted that after Jerome Powell’s press conference the next day it traded up to $ 3,841.

The intra-day rise can be explained by the general behavior of all agents with spot purchases for $ 200 Mio and in FWD for $ 97 Mio where the behavior of Offshore agents with spot purchases for $ 91 Mio and in FWD for $ 64 Mio is highlighted.

Additionally, the agents that bought the most yesterday were those of the real sector with $ 128 Mio in spot and $ 9.7 Mio in FWD and finally the AFPs went almost “flat” with sales in spot for $ 18 Mio and purchases in FWD for $ 24 Mio.