Analysis and Forecast Exchange Rate COP / USD Monday 11-10-2021

This information is based on statistical studies.

The COP is specifically governed by Drivers (Movements in Other Markets) and Fundamentals (News that are happening or that happen on the same market day).

Drivers: The Cop Has Three (3) that impact his performance on a daily basis:

  1. WTI (Oil): When it rises, the COP falls and vice versa.
  2. Euro Vs. Usd: When the Euro strengthens in relation to the US dollar, emerging currencies go down, and vice versa.
  3. Devaluation of the Dollar: the American currency Dx, devalues, when this happens the emerging currencies go down, when the Dx strengthens, the emerging currencies rise:

Fundamentals Monday October 11, 2021:

  • Crude advances in the face of global energy crisis; WTI plays maximum of 7 years
  • Investors on the lookout for new US employment report

Dólar Para Hoy:

Mercado bajista con cierre 3767.35 (-25.65), con respecto al cierre del viernes 01 luego de alcanzar un Max. en 3771.95 y min 3755 con un vol. Us1.0bn.

Hoy, el Mercado opera en next day por festivo en EE.UU.

En la jornada anterior el par USDCOP cerró en $3.767,35 (-$7.15 respecto al cierre anterior), tras una apertura en $3.763, un nivel máximo de $3.771,95 y un nivel mínimo $3.755. El volumen negociado alcanzó $0.99bln y volatilidad de $16.95 pesos.

Niveles técnicos para hoy: Resistencias 3.774-3781-3.798 Soportes 3.757-3.747-3.730.

* This analysis does not represent a guarantee against the average value of the analyzed currency, nor its variations. Efinti is not responsible for any misinterpretation that may be made against the published article.

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