Analysis and Forecast of the Exchange Rate COP / USD Thursday 10-28-2021

This information is based on statistical studies.

The COP is specifically governed by the Driver (Movements in Other Markets) and the Fundamentals (News that are happening or that happen on the same market day).

3 Drivers that impact your performance on a daily basis:


  1. WTI (Oil): When it rises, the COP falls and vice versa.
  2. Euro Vs. Usd: When the Euro strengthens in relation to the US dollar, emerging currencies go down, and vice versa.
  3. Dollar devaluation: the American currency Dx is devalued, when this happens the emerging currencies go down, when the Dx s strengthens, the emerging currencies rise.

Fundamentals Thursday October 28, 2021:

  • Premarket | Investors attentive to rates and decisions of the European Central Bank.
  • Asian stock markets ended Thursday with losses, thus going through a volatile week for regional stock markets.
  • European stocks struggled to get their bearings on Thursday, one of the most intense days in terms of earnings, as some of the major automakers warned that production would be affected by chip shortages, while a handful of companies submitted optimistic results.
  • Stocks in the US point to a positive open, better than expected in Asia and Europe earlier. The closings of the S&P 500 (-0.5%), Nasdaq (+ 0.02%) and Dow Jones (-0.7%) stood out yesterday.


Dollar For Today 10-28-2021: