Business solutions to boost a business in Colombia

Continuous growth is a crucial part of any company, something that is achieved with effort, dedication and business solutions that become real help and not headaches.

For every entrepreneur it is key to have a trusted ally that adds to continuous growth. There are businessmen who make up, taking as an example, an advisory council of professionals -usually they are friends or consultants- delegated to examine and question all the processes, that serves to know for which we could spend the whole day.

Other entrepreneurs decide to form commercial alliances with other businesses, something ideal, but difficult in its idealization and execution.

However, nothing better than having the solution in your own hands and with a financial ally within a few clicks: Efinti.

With Efinti you can find not only financial services adapted to the needs of your company, but also a business advisor focused on the financial problems you face every day.

These are some of our services specially designed for you:

  • Factoring
  • Confirming
  • Free Investment Credit

Get to know them and be part of the 1% of entrepreneurs who make decisions confident that the results will come as a result of the effort and have a strategic financial ally.

We are Efinti: Liquidity without Borders!