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“Excellent service, highly recommended.”

Camilo Santacruz / ISOLT

“Very easy to access financing plans.”

Virginia Ortiz / Andamas

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Oswalth Barreto / SEINTEGRA


Get the liquidity your company needs to grow without borders.


No, factoring is not a loan; it involves purchasing accounts receivable to gain liquidity without taking on debt.

Currently, our products are only designed for companies with over 6 months of operation.

No, Efinti is a Fintech brand owned by the company Core Soft and a partner of financial institutions that seeks to provide the best solution to liquidity problems in businesses.

Factoring is the financial tool in which a company obtains financing through the early sale of its accounts receivable (invoices, contracts, securities in general). This option offers the advantages of not generating debt and providing liquidity in a shorter period of time.

Confirming is the advance payment of accounts payable to your suppliers.

If you need to meet your tax obligations, pay salaries, purchase supplies or equipment, and you don’t have the cash flow to do so, it’s a good time to use this financing solution that allows you to obtain immediate liquidity to cover those expenses.

Depending on the size of your company and the revenue volume, we can finance operations for the purchase of invoices up to 5,000 million Colombian pesos in the digital channel. For invoices with higher values, please contact a sales advisor.

The financing terms for Factoring and Confirming will depend on the invoice’s term of validity but cannot exceed 180 calendar days.