If time is money, why not use factoring?

In business, time is key, growing faster than the competition is essential to gain market share, strengthen products and services and even your value offer.

Although it is key to maintain a relationship between organization management and growth, finances should be the fundamental pillar of any company, and by finances we mean financial health.

Now, there are many financial leverage mechanisms, but let’s think about what really impacts companies in their daily operations? The answer is simple: Cash Flow!

Yes, cash flow is the company’s oxygen, without it, how do we pay our payroll? How do we buy raw materials? How do we pay the rent?

When we analyze the finances of a company from this perspective, we understand that selling is fine, billing more is much better, but what really matters is the speed at which that money from the sale and billing returns to our hands to return to be used in another business and have returns.

That’s where a very important actor appears, The Factoring!

Why wait 30, 60, and even 120 days for a customer to pay you if you can use factoring and have that money today?

If we go to the cost, it is really insignificant compared to what the company can do with the money today and not in 120 days.

So why not use factoring?

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