Dynamics of the Foreign Exchange market in Colombia – 09/29/2021

On September 29, 2021, the US dollar Colombian peso pair fluctuated in a mixed way in what is known as intraday movement:

Summary: it rose 4.03 pesos, corresponding to an increase of 0.11% compared to the previous day. The TRM decreased by 0.47% (17.96 Pesos) in reference to the same day of the previous year, but increased by 0.2% (7.81 Pesos) compared to the same day of the previous month.

The behavior of Offshore agents stands out, who for the first time since September 3 were on the selling side in forward with 121 million dollars and in spot purchases for just 37 million dollars. the AFPs (Pension Fund Administrators) continue to be very absent with minimal stakes with sales in spot for 6.4 million dollars and purchases in fwd for 15.2 million dollars.

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