Efinti Fintech: The new promise for MSMEs seeking to grow without borders

With inclusive financial solutions, Efinti seeks to leverage MSMEs that have growth potential based on their sales and operations.

Unlike a Banking institution, Efinti offers the opportunity to access services such as Factoring and Confirming to companies from 6 months old and $ 100,000,000 of Colombian pesos in sales, which opens the opportunity to more than half a million young companies who are unable to access resources to leverage their businesses in a traditional way.

With the arrival of the electronic invoice and the digitization of the processes based on the normative nature for the validity of digital signatures, Efinti Fintech has managed to create a service designed to cover nationally and internationally markets focused on companies from multiple economic sectors.

With Factoring from $ 1,000,000 Colombian pesos, Efinti manages to establish itself in the market as a strong competitor in the field of micro-finance.

And it is that its first round of raising private capital in the pre-seed stage confirms it, with a leverage of $ 150,000 dollars for product improvements, hiring of a work team and marketing strategies, Efinti has managed to serve a large number of companies in so far in 2021 in the Colombian market.

Not being little what Efinti has achieved in Colombia, it is making its way to new markets such as the United States, Panama and Mexico by 2022.

Now Efinti is concentrating on expanding its network of clients and preparing a new round of raising seed capital to start 2022 with great force in the market.

Efinti – Liquidity without Borders!