How does factoring work in Colombia?

If you need to pay your company’s obligations and you don’t have enough liquidity, here we tell you how you can obtain immediate cash flow by accessing the Factoring service.

Despite being a service that has been available for a long time in the Colombian market, it is a very little known service where very few companies have access to this financing service. In Efinti we managed to change this reality for many companies, serving from small companies with 6 months of incorporated up to the corporate segment managing to educate about factoring in Colombia, what it consists of and how to execute it, so we tell you that factoring will not have to wait days and even months for your liquidity for the work you did today because this financing solution allows you to anticipate the money from accounts receivable from all payers for which you are a supplier.

In addition, this service is not only offered by traditional banks but also by non-bank financial entities, being 100% digital and secure, where requesting it is within the reach of a click and a few hours so that as an entrepreneur you dedicate yourself to all the additional effort that other services require. areas of your company.

Every factoring operation involves 3 actors. Your company (called supplier), the financial institution (to whom you assign the invoice) and your client (called debtor or payer).

First step:

Your company must assign the invoices that it has to collect to the financial entity that you chose to operate.

Second step:

When accepting your invoice, this financial entity will be in charge of notifying your client that the account receivable has been transferred to them.

Third step:

Once your client confirms receipt of this notification, the financial entity proceeds to make a contract for the assignment of rights and then disburses the money to your company. If you work with an entity that has online factoring, you will surely receive the money within a range of no more than 48 hours.


The debtor pays the invoice to the financial institution within the agreed term.

The best thing is that you can start whenever you want with just one click.