How to accelerate the growth of my company by implementing financial strategies?

When we talk about business growth, we normally refer to sales, we generally focus on selling more, but this leaves aside the importance that certain internal factors bring with them and that will mark the true sustainable growth of a company.

Taking into account aspects such as optimizing costs with suppliers, reducing expenses and improving cash flow are some of the aspects that make the difference between temporary and sustainable growth.

In this article we present some of the strategies from the financial aspect that you can apply to accelerate the growth of your company:

  1. Use Factoring: It is a myth that commercially a company would look bad for using Factoring, on the contrary, the mere fact of being able to access this type of services denotes knowledge in financial matters and business solidity.
    Factoring is the financial element par excellence to improve cash flow and worry only about selling more.
    Remember that if you access Non-Recourse Factoring, you will be leveraging your clients’ capacity and not your company’s to obtain financing.
  2. Use Confirming: All companies have a financial discount for prompt payment that you can take advantage of using Confirming, normally the discount rate that they can give you for paying in cash is higher than what you are going to pay for using a Confirming service.
    We recommend that you make good financial planning when implementing this strategy so as not to waste the difference that you could earn between the discount for paying your provider in cash and the cost of using the Confirming service.
  3. Use credits wisely: If you are going to apply for a loan, which is effectively based on a financial plan, keep in mind that you must make good use of these credits, since good financial reputation and payment behavior are your letter of introduction to the future.
    We recommend you consult with your financial advisor before requesting a free investment credit.

And remember that with Efinti you will have a financial ally to grow without borders!

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