Remote jobs in the new Era!

I want to talk to you about this new work modality through which the execution of the employment contract, remotely through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT’s) or any other means that allows the provision of services remotely if possible!.

Personally, as a woman and a mother, I can tell you that it is the best thing that has been implemented, greater productivity, more time with the family or more time for ourselves, in whatever we want to use we have more time, for no one is it unknown that implementing this modality the time that many of us took to take the transport, and organize everything to be able to leave home to work is already a thing of the past, we take advantage of those hours in something that we like, sharing with the family or growing in any field that we want but also We must bear in mind that for this we must have a lot of discipline and commitment to our work, knowing that this does not exclude the fact that we have to comply with schedules, responsibilities, tasks, fulfillment of goals, budgets, among others, and submitting ourselves to the same selection process. like face-to-face work and that not all people or all positions apply for this, there are people who need to completely disconnect from their home to be able to fulfill their working life as quite the opposite there are also people who need their home closely to do so and either of the two is understandable, we must bear in mind that we must work on what we want and it makes us happy in the end that is what gives us the greatest motivation and productivity but continuing with what has impacted the new era of remote work It is common to see how, increasingly, the model of flexible, agile organizations is imposed, which are structured around teams of temporary and often globally dispersed work, in contrast to the old schemes that today are no longer capable of generating in a timely manner the answers that customers need in this regard, to obtain and maintain competitive advantages, companies must be capable of innovating depending on the changes, and the challenges they pose. The digital environment itself requires them to work collaboratively and make the transition from hierarchical organization systems to team networks that can adapt to conditions that change very quickly, efficiently and in effect, today we are definitely able to unite countries, cultures, thoughts, experience among others, regardless of the location facilitating the sole purpose of every company and that is to maximize its attention, response, teamwork reflected in its growth and scalability.

Efinti: Liquidity without Borders!