The importance of adopting prevention systems against cyber attacks in the company.

Currently, we are experiencing several waves of cyberattacks on companies. Most of the most important organizations, public and private, have suffered these attacks on their computer systems. These cyberattacks not only affect the clients or investors of the companies mentioned, but can also affect the national or regional security of different states as well as the company itself.

If a company wants to be competitive today, it must have agile digital or ICT systems, resources and platforms with a high level of availability, this means that the present business requires effective management from organizations with a broad digital transformation process. .

The digital transformation in which most organizations and society in general are immersed, attacks against corporate IT security can be carried out from anywhere in the world simply by using the computer as a tool. This is why organizations must pay special attention to protecting themselves from possible attacks, because no one is immune to malware.

Recommendations for a secure computer system

To be considered safe, the company’s computer systems must be complete and confidential (accessible only to authorized persons), irrefutable (they cannot reject the actions carried out) and have good availability (stable and available over time).

Some measures recommended by experts to avoid being hacked are:

  • Outsourced service: Not having too many assets reduces the risk of being hacked.
  • Having a good antivirus program guarantees protection.
  • User training: train users of computer security systems in network security.
  • Always keep your systems up to date.
  • Be careful with passwords.
  • Perform audits on your systems.
  • Possibility of contracting a cyber insurance.

How should companies act after receiving a cyber attack?

When an organization’s computer system is attacked by malware, the organization’s computer system initiates recovery, which is very difficult to achieve. It is a difficult process because it is very difficult to investigate what really happened, what causes this attack to get into our computer system. This cyber attack can be investigated, but it requires an investment of time and money as it carries many costs. The most recommended for organizations is to reinstall everything and restore important files from backup.

However, if an organization has taken the measures described above, that organization will not be the target of any cyberattack, even if there are currently no private or public organizations immune to cybersecurity risks.

In short, IT security or corporate cybersecurity is an issue that every organization must take into account, ignoring the security changes that are currently taking place will not only significantly harm them financially but will often also suffer significant data loss and information.