The Importance of creating a Corporate Governance, based on the Reality of each company

Nowadays it is common to read or listen to many people about Corporate Governance, as something that seems to be transcendental for companies, but do you really know what it consists of? Or what benefits does it bring? Therefore, there are many companies and entrepreneurs that do not have comprehensive knowledge on the matter, and […]

The importance of adopting prevention systems against cyber attacks in the company.

Currently, we are experiencing several waves of cyberattacks on companies. Most of the most important organizations, public and private, have suffered these attacks on their computer systems. These cyberattacks not only affect the clients or investors of the companies mentioned, but can also affect the national or regional security of different states as well as […]

Importance of implementing a Sagrilaft system in the company

Without a doubt, governments have understood the importance of strengthening companies, since they are the main engine of the economy in the countries, because they generate great benefits for the country and its citizens, such as the creation of more jobs and greater access to products and services, with companies being the main indicator of […]